We live in ONE WORLD
Support for the LEAST SECURE among us,
however close or far away, LIFTS US ALL

Friends of Seva Mandir is a New Jersey-based 501(C)(3) public charity founded in 2009 exclusively for the purpose of supporting the work of Seva Mandir, a leading non-governmental organization serving rural communities in southern Rajasthan, India.

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By Building STRENGTH at the ROOTS

Empowering individuals through fortifying community bonds, Seva Mandir stands as an organizational model for the modernizing world that has proven effective, efficient and enduring. The distinguishing feature of Seva Mandir’s approach is the creation of over 500 Village Forums and associated Village Funds, which co-manage all projects and ensure that citizens themselves take responsibility for the well-being of their communities.

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We become agents OF CHANGE that is MEANINGFUL and SUSTAINABLE

For 50 years, Seva Mandir has engaged with villagers to develop programs in self government, health, education, women’s empowerment, resource management and social enterprises that provide a bulwark against the destructive impacts of poverty and a ladder of opportunity for personal and collective growth.

At the heart of Seva Mandir’s approach to development is a deep and abiding respect for the right of people themselves to define and strive to actualize their own aspirations for a better future.  Learn More

ADDRESSING NEEDS in innovative ways and IMPACT lives at every stage of development


OUR DOLLARS have an outsized REACH on the ground in India—GIVE to MAKE A DIFFERENCE

In a place where 90% of the population relies on subsistence agriculture to survive and the average person lives on 20 Rupees per day, or the equivalent of 35 cents, US donations of every size go a very long way.

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Friends of Seva Mandir has cultivated a community of supporters in North America who, by securing grants, creating special events, fundraising and sharing information, help to facilitate the vital work of Seva Mandir.

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